Many of the links below are affiliate links, and I truly appreciate your support by buying products through these links. I only list links to products that I use and love.

To save money on any purchase(s) you might make, be sure to use any individual codes listed below at checkout. Not all companies offers discounts to pass on but they are still great products.

THINK TANK PHOTO – Great camera bags and accessories. Get a free gift when you spend over $50! Just go to their site, and enter ‘140908.2f0f86‘ in the affiliate box on the shopping cart page.

Tharp_O1A4181 TOPAZ LABS – brendatharp (15% discount)

FLY PAPER TEXTURES – Tharp (15% discount)


LUMIQUEST  -flash accessories

FOTOSHARP – They make terrific raincovers, and their laminated Depth-of-Field charts are so handy and durable. I never go in the field without them!

BORROWLENSES – discount on rental gear – just click the link.

LENSBABIES – workshop participants (only) get 10% off entire purchase at Contact me for more information.

AURORA HDR PRO– great HDR software to make your pictures even better!!



 – I love these new backpacks from Mindshift. I use the Backlight® 26L and love the versatility of it. Click on the logo banner to visit their site for more information.


No discount for B&H, but I can highly recommend them for their customer service and the wide assortment of products. If you need it, they have it!




I use this terrific scanning software for my getting my slide archive digitized. I can make adjustments to the prescan before final scanning to make my workflow faster in Photoshop.


SINGH-RAY FILTERS – arguably the best filters out there. A discount is available for all workshop participants, 30 days before and 30 days after a tour or workshop. For more information, e-mail me.


Below is the photography gear I currently use. Remember,  in the words of Ernst Haas, …“it’s the photographer’s creativity, and not the equipment, that ultimately makes the photograph.”

That said, we all need new and good stuff to create our art, right? So have at it! The links below take you to B&H PHOTO. I am an affiliate with them. I have purchased photo equipment from them for many years and have been very happy with it all.  Their customer service has been prompt and reliable.