Alaska’s Inside Passage

I have made the journey through the Inside Passage over 9 times in about 13 years, and this place grows on me! The pristine wide open spaces of the Frederick Sound, Hobart Bay, Endicott Arm, Chatham Strait, and more invite us to cruise slowly through them, drinking in the views and celebrating the wildlife encounters. Eagles, sea birds, sea lions, seals, Dall porpoise, humpback whales, Orcas, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, deer and more await discovery along the way, and we have never been disappointed -each trip has given us more than enough gifts of experiences, along with photographs, to remember this place and to share with other how wonderful it is here. A collection of my favorites that express the essence of the region.

Brenda Tharp’s collection of color and black and white photographs of Alaska’s Inside Passage includes landscapes, nature details, wildlife, marine life, forests, oceans, glaciers, icebergs, national parks, and people.