For me photography is about the light, texture, pattern, form and shape of what I see, and often that’s more important than what the thing actually is. One mentor of mine, the late Ernst Haas, was known for his eclectic subject material. He too resonated with the texture, color, gesture and form of things. A open approach to photography allows us to simply respond to things that catch our eye, without a lot of planning or analyzing about why we’re photographing it. This is freedom, and in that freedom creativity blossoms. My partner Jed Manwaring and I have done this type of photography for years, in between our other work.  Together, we wrote Extraordinary Everyday Photography, to celebrate this style of photography, and to guide others in not only finding their vision but giving themselves the permission to play without a plan. This is but a small collection of everyday seeing.

Brenda Tharp’s everyday seeing collection of color and black and white photographs includes street scenes, people, portraits, moments, travel scenes, architecture, and documentary.