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“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”  Ansel Adams

Our philosophy:

Let’s face it: you want to learn how to improve your skills and your vision, but you want to do it in some great location that will inspire you! Our instructional tours are the perfect combination of inspiration, fun and in-depth learning. They provide you with the opportunity to work on your craft while immersed in outstanding locations. The programs are designed primarily for photographers who have a working knowledge of their camera equipment and understand the basics of photography, and who want to work on refining compositions, developing personal vision, and learn new techniques/skill. We emphasize in-the-field learning, with as much or as little help as you want. We believe that you learn best by actually trying the techniques that we discuss, and we’re right there to help you. We also know how important feedback can be, and we’re there to look at your LCD when asked, and when feasible to provide you with feedback in a review session (or two) during the tour. We typically schedule one visual presentation covering various aspects of outdoor photography techniques and concepts, along with at least one image review session. We choose outstanding locations that both inspire and offer you varied and interesting photographic opportunities. Each program is unique, and details are on the page for that event.

We prefer to travel in smaller groups. Our group sizes are kept to 12 or less, providing a great leader to participant ratio.

“We hope you’ll want to travel with us to a fantastic location. You’ll visually stretch and grow, have a great time with other photographers, and come home with some great new images and memories.”  Brenda and Jed.

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