Namibia’s Caprivi & Botswana

Namibia’s Caprivi Strip & Botswana

September 6-19, 2017

Price: $11,200. Just two spots left!!

Nothing compares to being in the remote wild and seeing animals and birds up-close! The thrill of watching them as they go about their daily lives and being able to capture that in the camera is something I never grow tired of. 

The Caprivi strip in Namibia is a unique area, criss-crossed by rivers and bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia and Botswana in various places. It’s not highly visited by tourists, and yet if offers much of the same wildlife opportunities as Botswana, a country that is far more expensive to tour. Yet we have combined the Caprivi with crossings into Botswana to give you a taste of both!

This small-group tour is very unique, as it was created by special request from past tour clients to Namibia. Wendy Kaveney and I are pleased to have organized it for just six clients. It’s a unique opportunity when so many other tours are much larger and less personal.

Here’s a taste of photographs in Wendy’s image gallery that only hint at what you’ll experience on this tour!

Watch this slideshow of Wendy’s photographs from her previous tour to this area. This is intended to be small – please don’t go to full screen or you’ll get images pixelating. 


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