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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 10


Day 10 – Humbled by the love and tenderness of a Himba woman with her child. Family is at the core of their survival.

Celebrate humanity – of all cultures!

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Seeing Beyond in Santorini

It is very easy to see the luxury villas and hotels stepping up and down the steep hillsides here, like snow blanketing the brown landscape, but I came to Santorini to find a different type of photograph. The architecture provides such an incredible opportunity to find graphic compositions of shadows, shapes, and forms, and color and black and white are superb here! You’ll see pics of those soon!

While walking around looking for those kind of photographs, I couldn’t help but notice all the Asian girls, mostly Chinese, I believe, who were posing in wedding gowns. Many had been married back home but were now on their honeymoon and the girls wanted to have their pictures taken in their dresses in this iconic location, I’m told for Instagram posting. They are everywhere here, around any corner, you will unexpectedly find a girl posing in her dress, her husband (or soon to be husband) dutifully snapping away. It’s not just the brides, though; many women, dressed as if going to a wedding or a ball, are standing on rooftops, posing, like supermodels, while their men make their pictures. I won’t comment on all of that, but it has been fun to try and capture some of those moments, along with other scenes I am actually seeking! This church and bell tower were pretty enough, but who could resist the brilliant red dress of the bride (and in this case her groom) on a rooftop near the dome? I positioned myself to line up the cross on the gate with the back wall as best as it would fit, to complete the composition. 


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Red and Green, Central Cuba


In Camagüey, eastern Cuba, they were ‘puttin’ on the ritz’ with fresh coats of paint on a lot of buildings when I was last there. The town, like Trinidad, is a UNESCO world site, and boasts a strong collection of classic Spanish colonial, art deco, neo-colonial, and neoclassical architecture, and like Trinidad, is a historic village for sugar cane production nearby.

As I wandered by this man, I noticed his brilliant red ball cap against the green walls, a harmonious color contrast. That was exciting, and when I realized he was painting, and the light was nice and strong sidelight, I thought this had potential.  I watch for a minute or two, and when he leaned out to paint, I captured the photo just before the roller made contact.

When I wander the streets of any place, be it Cuba or Florence, Italy, I’m looking for stories – and gestures that help to tell the story. In this image, the guy is clearly on  ladder to do some work, but the paint roller is the feature that tells what he’s doing up there, along with the swaths of different paint coats.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!



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Photography Year-in-Review

The end of the year is always one of reflection for many of us, and of course media and tradition hold that we make resolutions for the coming year. But the only resolution I make is to live a fuller, more joyous, more giving life.

Oh heck, what am I saying? I plan to get more fit, connect with more people, make more money, buy new camera gear, finish my book, start another book, finish my website, plant a garden, travel, buy a camper, and hit the road more! And live a fuller more joyous, giving life.

But getting back to reflecting upon 2015, it was a great year, and not just for new photographs, but for new experiences, new friendships, new destinations. For the lessons learned along the way. I was challenged visually, physically, and mentally by many things throughout the year, and all of it was great! So I’m finishing this year with a heart-felt thank you for all those that were a part of my joy, fun, prosperity, adventure and opportunity. You know who you are.

Oh, yeah, and if you are interested, here are a few of my favorites from 2015…

_DSC1865-c91.jpg_DSC2456-c33.jpg_O1A0076-c52.jpg_DSC3057-c7.jpg_O1A0147-c88.jpg_O1A0166-c84.jpg_DSC1190-c82.jpg_DSF0456-c17.jpgTharp_DSF6745TPMonet-c44.jpg_XT15704-c38.jpg_XT12761-c59.jpg_O1A2021-c14.jpg_O1A0287-c26.jpg_O1A0972-c54.jpg_O1A1447-c93.jpg_O1A1477-c58.jpg_XT12611.jpg_DSF0995-c11.jpg_MG_0021-c65.jpg_MG_9618-c71.jpgSSCL Bears__O1A0114.jpg_O1A0843-c43.jpg_MG_9574-c35.jpg_O1A3459-c53.jpg_O1A4937-c47.jpg_O1A1266-c12.jpg_O1A0951-c51.jpg_O1A3016-c49.jpg


And please share with your friends! Happy New Year,


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