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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 8


Day 8 – Humbled by the gift of outstanding beauty in the magnificent landscapes of the southwest. There’s a reason they are made into monuments and parks!

Celebrate the grandeur!

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 7

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Day 7 – Celebrating Survival. In spite of all odds, Nature thrives in some pretty challenging places! 

Celebrate the persistence of life!

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Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter!



Sometimes Winter surprises Autumn, as if telling it to “hurry up and get those leaves onto the ground, because we’re moving in”. Such was the case in Triglav National Park, Slovenia, last year, when Winter was trying to come in just a bit early. I remember thinking – not yet! – we’re not done with autumn colors. But when we rounded the bend and saw the dusting of snow on the fall color, we forgot about lamenting that the snow/cold would knock the leaves off. We had our magic moment right in front of us!  

I have always loved when Autumn changes to winter. The fruits of summer are gone off the vines and the leaves lay bare the skeletal structure of the trees. There’s a smell of decay and a chill in the air, and a large part of the world is going into a slumber for a while. It’s during those last days of Autumn when you can be surprised with scenes of early snows, or that one last pear hanging on the tree, etc., and it can be so rewarding.

So here’s to Autumn and to the changes, and to the arrival of the winter season! I may have to drive 4 hours from Santa Rosa, CA, to experience it, but it’s oh-so-worth it when I get there! 


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Foggy Forest, Slovenia

tharp_20161019-5602On this foggy rainy day in northern California, I am reminded of the same conditions from a day we spent in Triglav National Park, Slovenia. Fog is such a wonderful element for nature photography because it can isolate your subject and simplify backgrounds that would otherwise be so cluttered! I used my Sony a7R II camera and 16-35mm lens to look down on this steep hillside. Continue reading »

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