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Recap on Cuba Photo Tour


Our photo tour to Cuba in early January was, as always, great! It was terrific to return and find people who recognized me, and it was pure photographic fun. We had wonderful moments such as this one where the story unfolded before our eyes. The little boy was sitting there, watching us, and he leaned on the door, and that cracked it open enough that the dog stuck its head out, saw interesting new people, and decided to come out and investigate. That’s when it got fun – the little boy first pet the dog and then put his arms around it. It was a wonderful moment and he (the boy) was such a cutie!!

We are going back later this year – for a different season with different light. Check out the dates and info here and then join us in October!


Meanwhile, other news – you may have noticed a new look to the site. I’ve been hard at work designing a fresh look and have uploaded many galleries of photographs – many new to the site/scene, combined with some favorites.

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Ireland in Spring #1

I’m leading my photo tour in south west Ireland with professional photographer Peter Cox. It’s been a wonderful tour so far with mixed weather, dramatic skies, and soft light, too.

Ring of Kerry

I love the fresh greens of Ireland’s landscape in May-June. The clouds were terrific this day, and created wonderful dappled light on the landscape. We’ve had long days but full of different type of photography opportunities, from villages to seascapes. I used my 24-105mm set at 24mm for this image.

Thanks for taking the time to view this, and as always, ratings or sharing of photos is encouraged!


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Myanmar in Black and White



After much delay since arriving home, I am finally getting to my editing of the images from Myanmar. Other business, including plans for 2014, just had to get finalized before I could focus my time on this huge project. Now that I’m home through mid-January, I am looking forward to getting deep into the collection and processing my favorites from our fantastic photo tour. So I’ll be posting a lot more here very soon…

Our days in Inlay Lake in Myanmar were terrific! At this point in the tour, you travel by boat only – and it was a great experience to be out on the water – at basically water level – to photograph people, villages, farming and scenery, as it offered a more unique point of view. We hired fisherman to join us so that we could photograph them as they went about their activities, and yes, we set up a few shots, like this one. I liked the idea of looking down through the bamboo/cord fishing ‘cone’ towards the fisherman, so we arranged to have him in position for this.  The fisherman row their boats in this leg-rowing manner, and as he put his leg out on the oar to stabilize the boat, I got the gesture I was looking for.

With the amount of clouds in the sky, the colors were not as vibrant as I wanted, but I knew it would be a great candidate for black and white, especially since the shape of the fishing cone added a graphic element against the sky. Image was processed using NIK Collection’s Silver Efex Pro 2.


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We’ll be returning in February 2015 for another photo tour to Myanmar. Check our Workshops and Tour Schedule for futher updates.

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Shifting Sands of Time in Namibia

Photograph © Wendy Kaveney


NAMIBIA, Kolmanskop. The town of Kolmanskop will be incredible to photograph. I first saw images of it when Freeman Patterson returned from doing a trip and subsequent workshops there many years ago. Since then, there have been many others, and I have dreamed of exploring this town, so I’m very excited about doing this tour next year because we will spend a very full day wandering in and out of the doorways, looking through windows, etc., as we photograph the remains of this village that is being consumed by sand.

Just think about it for a minute – Man comes, Man builds, Man lives – and then when things change dramatically enough, i.e, fail, or something  goes wrong, Man walks away. Hence all the ruins in our world! This town is one of those places. Diamond mining stopped after 50 years – and the town was abandoned. When Man stops beating back nature, or gives up and goes away, nature takes its normal course, and prevails. I know that when I walk around and photograph here, it will be with those thoughts in my mind – and a goal to capture the essence of abandonment – the elegant, yet faded beauty, the impermanence of Man’s structures.

Join me and Wendy Kaveney next August for a wonder-filled photography adventure throughout this country. This place is just one of MANY locations in Namibia that are attractive to the outdoor photographer! View the tour page on my site and on Strabo Tours’ site for more info.

And, check out the galleries on Wendy’s website

Dates of the tour are August 18-September 6, 2014.

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