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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 8


Day 8 – Humbled by the gift of outstanding beauty in the magnificent landscapes of the southwest. There’s a reason they are made into monuments and parks!

Celebrate the grandeur!

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 2


Day 2 – Celebrating the Sun, the mirror-like surface of water on a calm day, the magnificent clouds – and the opportunity to be there to bear witness to the magic!

Celebrate the Magic!

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Twelve Days of Christmas-Day 1


At this season of gift-giving, and reflecting on our past year, I am reminded of the wonderful gifts I have received all year – in the form of photographs, but also in the form of experiences. l am so grateful that I can make my living as a landscape/nature/travel photographer, and while that may involve wearing many hats (teacher, tour leader, speaker, writer, marketing director…) I wouldn’t trade it in for any other work. I found my ‘home’ in nature, and in traveling and experiencing the people and the wildlife of places, and the gifts keep coming.

So with that in mind, I’m sharing a ‘gift’ that I received with you, my friends, supporters, clients, students, and readers, each day leading up to Christmas. No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s 12 days here on this blog of celebrating the light and beauty of this world!

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