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The Lock Mystery


The Lock

I just discovered this image from a tour in Venice that I lead last Fall – a year ago! Too many things going on, not enough time to review and process, but it’s nice to have surprises like this pop up in Lightroom unexpectedly!

I remember when I made the image that I was thinking ‘laundry again’ and laughing about that, because for some reason many of us are drawn to photograph the laundry of other cultures – and why? Perhaps because it gives us a little insight to who lives there, what they might be like (secretly or otherwise). But this image was different. It doesn’t reveal much about the people living there, by the clothing, but the lock, now that was something different. What does that lock do? What would be locked up there, typically? Why did they feel they needed to lock something up at some point? I liked that we don’t really know, and I liked also the color palette of this image. I also liked the ‘three’ items hanging on the line – those odd numbers make it more interesting, and the color contrast of the one piece that just somehow ended up in close to the¬†rule of thirds position! ūüôā I believe that all of that was playing through my subconscious as I stopped to a)take notice and b) deem it worthy of a photograph.

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I love looking for juxtapositions when I’m photographing, and these two images were just that. I spotted these on our recent trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, on our photo tour extension. The above image was spotted while we waited for the train at Corniglia. The image below was spotted in the main piazza in the old section of Monterosso, another village the Cinque Terre.



That’s all for today, folks. I’m working like a madwoman to get new galleries posted to the website before I head to Alaska on Friday morning. More to come soon!




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Unfinished art…



I’ve been going through my past pictures of Tuscany, getting psyched for our upcoming photo tour there. It’s amazing how easily we forget images that we made when often there’s so many from just one trip! But I came across this one from Volterra, the city of alabaster. We had stopped in one carver’s shop and there wasn’t anyone working at the time. I wandered around looking for photographs; the shop was covered in white powder – alabaster dust – and it felt like an old-time artists’ studio. I spotted this unfinished carving, and loved how it rested on the table waiting for the artist to return, the tools of the trade by its side. It reminded me of Michelangelo or other carvers who could chip away to let the form reveal itself! I’ve always marveled at anyone who can do that. Window light poured in and illuminated it beautifully. It was one of those images that I knew would make a better monochrome photograph than a color image, there just wasn’t much color in the entire scene!


I’m looking forward to going back to Volterra – it sits out apart from many of the more visited towns of San Gimignano, Pienze, Montalcino, etc., and it has great roman ruins and views of the surrounding countryside. ¬†I already have visions of what else I can do with these artisans at work!

This image was processed using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 (SEP2) and Color Efex Pro 4 (CEP4) to bring out the rich tonalities of the scene.

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GO FOR THE GOLD – er, pink?



While the world athletes are putting out their best effort at the Olympic Games in London, here in the remote offices of Brenda Tharp Photography we are having our own Olympic effort! We are cleaning out the office of old slides, old prints, old photo gear. We are doing repetitive deep knee bends in front of file cabinets; (we got a 9.5 score for that). We are performing neck stretches while editing over a light table (that earned us a perfect 10!)

We are lifting ‘heavyweight’ boxes, and climbing up ladders to store things in the loft in the garage. ¬†All of this while we cheer on the athletes afar! So who is cheering me on? Nobody. My own dog just lies lazily on the floor watching me with a pitying look as I labor in 90 degree weather…foolish me. But it’s a great feeling to clean out ¬†before I hit the road on a busy two month schedule of workshops and photo tours. And isn’t that what ultimately makes an olympian? The inner drive to perform? The need to do it for your self, not for anyone else? I wonder if they give out medals for record-setting cleaning times…

Oh, and the image? Burano, Italy – a place that stays so incredibly neat because all the women there are Olympians at keeping even the streets in front of their doors swept clean!

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