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The Picture within the Picture



I was walking through the village of Selo pri Bledu in Slovenia early one morning, and it was cloudy, perfect light for details photographs of the village and the architecture. I discovered this one farmhouse with amazing geraniums spilling out of hanging boxes and was delighted to see the strings of dried corn so perfectly nestled below them. The lead photo is the first image I made. I just knew I wanted to fill the frame as much as possible with the two elements – flowers and corn. I made the second image to show you what the big scene looked like. Not a bad scene either, but for me, it’s was all about the colors and textures and the detail shot expressed that. It’s often that you’ll find a great picture within the bigger scene.



I wonder what this scene looks like at the end of the winter season, after the winter cold and snow does the geraniums in, and when all the dried corn has been given to the farm animals in the barns! I’m glad I was there to capture it while it was fresh.

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Impressions of Spring



The Carrizo Plain is a wonderful place, home to pronghorn antelope, birds, reptiles, and in Spring, a great location for large displays of flowers. This year, it was mostly goldfields, with some purple phacelia and a few Fremont Tidytips thrown in, but the wind was ‘howling’ the entire day I was there – steady winds at 20-25mph, gusting to 35-40mph. Nothing to do but enjoy the big scene and photograph it at a distance and fast shutter speed. No close-up images were possible. Heck, you couldn’t have held your diffusion disc in place for anything! But the impression of the joyous display of flowers was still there – the bright sunny yellow of thousands of flowers bobbing in the sun is imprinted in my memory. This multiple exposure is my ‘impression’ of the experience. 8 exposures, hand-held for random positioning.

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A rose by any other name


I am a sucker for roses that smell yummy, and we have a few bushes in our garden that are heritage types, not hybridized so the fragrance is gone. This is one of them, and I always love going out and just breathing in the fragrance as deeply as I can. Thankfully, no allergies here!

On a morning when we’d had a steady, super-light mist falling overnight, the water beaded up beautifully! The overcast light was wonderful for capturing the details.

Not much to write than that! I’ll be posting from the road here and there over the next few weeks as I’m traveling to the southwest in search of Spring everywhere.




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