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Who knows where the time goes…

Produce Vendor, Baracoa, Eastern Cuba

How can it be MAY already? The blog title, from a Judy Collins song, says it best!

Here’s the latest news in a nutshell:

• I’m growing more excited with each day about my latest book, Expressive Nature Photography, that will hit the shelves July 25th!! Use the links (non-affiliate) below for fast ordering at your favorite bookstore. 

• My monthly newsletter just went out! If you’re not on the list, subscribe here – to get the latest schedule of events and some photo tips, too. Highlights include some favorites and some new trips for 2018 – Tuscany in May, Wonders of Namibia in July, Tanzania in September, Slovenia in October, and Cuba East/West in early December. You will find the listings on the workshop/tour calendar page, and details will be coming soon on most of those events!

• I will be the photography leader on board for three coastal Alaska cruises for Lindblad/NatGeo Expeditions in June – it will be great to be up there for three straight weeks and I’m looking forward to working with all the guests on these top-notch adventures.

• Those of you that follow my twitter feed have noticed I’ve been promoting my photographs on FineArtAmerica.com, as well as the art of others. Click on the link to see my collection of images available for purchase there. 

• Oh, and the vegetable garden is in great shape, ready to start producing now (about the time I’ll be away, lol!) The post image is from eastern Cuba – this guy is pretty happy about his squash! If mine grow as big, I’ll be inviting the neighborhood to dinner!


Quick links for buying the book:




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Red and Green, Central Cuba


In Camagüey, eastern Cuba, they were ‘puttin’ on the ritz’ with fresh coats of paint on a lot of buildings when I was last there. The town, like Trinidad, is a UNESCO world site, and boasts a strong collection of classic Spanish colonial, art deco, neo-colonial, and neoclassical architecture, and like Trinidad, is a historic village for sugar cane production nearby.

As I wandered by this man, I noticed his brilliant red ball cap against the green walls, a harmonious color contrast. That was exciting, and when I realized he was painting, and the light was nice and strong sidelight, I thought this had potential.  I watch for a minute or two, and when he leaned out to paint, I captured the photo just before the roller made contact.

When I wander the streets of any place, be it Cuba or Florence, Italy, I’m looking for stories – and gestures that help to tell the story. In this image, the guy is clearly on  ladder to do some work, but the paint roller is the feature that tells what he’s doing up there, along with the swaths of different paint coats.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!



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Shadow Man, Cuba 2015

Well, it’s been another whirlwind of 2 months of travel and leading/teaching and I didn’t keep up with posting on my blog very well. But I’m back to it, and look forward to sharing images and insights with you in the coming weeks and months.

The main post image might be considered a ‘lucky moment’ but since friends were involved, I have to come clean on this! But it all started with a serendipitous accident. I was working on the vertical photo you’ll see below, I was drawn to the blue/green and the light/shadow contrast, when someone walked in between me and the wall. But in that instant, I saw a shadow blur by, and I knew there was a fun photo opportunity here. Since his wife was also photographing the grillwork and details we ‘ganged up’ on her husband who had the perfect hat for this, and had him pose in various positions until we found the right profile. Some photographs are seen, some are created, and my motto is “Art is art no matter how it was derived.” Enjoy!!








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With a little help from my friends


I love it when the muse ‘strikes’ while I’m editing my pictures! I finally imported my latest iPhone pics – from January forward, and found this fun picture. I had originally used Hipstamatic>Jane Lens>Dream Canvas ‘film’, and liked the results, but as often is the case, I like to mess around a bit more to make the look my own. So from Photoshop, I made two layers of the original file, and opened Topaz Simplify, a great plug-in by my friends there. I used a watercolor preset, then made a few tweaks to that, and saved it. I then blended that layer with the original, but then put another original layer in the mix, with a different blending style, and got what I wanted. The Dream Canvas film in Hipstamatic was always a bit heavy on the canvas texture, so this softened that a bit and blended the photo to make it a photorealistic watercolor.

Is there such a term? No matter, it’s all about making art, and having fun, so I thought I’d share this with you today. The iPhone doesn’t get as much use in my bag as it probably should these days; it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of your ‘go to camera’ and then forget to use other tools available to you – yes, even Pro’s do that, but I love the freedom of play that the iPhone encourages!

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!


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