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Expressive Nature Photography Officially on Sale TODAY


Expressive nature photography is about first finding what excites you in the location or scene, and then figuring out the way to communicate what you feel about what you are seeing, and that requires applying the concepts of light, composition, visual depth, and point of view, along with other technical things like the appropriate depth-of-field or shutter speed. In my latest book, I discuss all of these things and more, illustrated with new photographs, and I’m very excited about this book – 240 pages of idea and tips to help others become better at creating photographs that have more impact. SUMMER is a great time to read this and put it to good use – and keep using it into Autumn, and well, Winter, and then there’s next Spring…

This book is now available at bookstores everywhere – and on line. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Expressive Nature Photography! It always feels good to give ‘birth’ to a new project…

Signed copies are available on my site (higher price), or visit your favorite on-line or brick-and-mortar store to order a copy. 

Enjoy, and keep on photographing!



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Another excerpt from my newest book

Another excerpt from my newest book Expressive Nature Photography, in the chapter The Narrative Image:
Find the story in the landscape
Even a landscape pictures tells a story. Begin by first figuring out what inspires you in the location. What makes it unique? Try to establish what you want to express in the photograph. Then look for a point of view that brings out your vision in the strongest way….Is there a process of nature, or some detail, that will express the story strongly?”
In these two pictures, I found ‘story’. The drought in California is a major issue, (and it’s still not over, really). When driving through the high Sierra I encountered this pond that was drying up. The story was the parched, cracked bottom of the once-full pond. In the second picture, the story tells of a gecko digging a burrow to get out of the heat and light. There are stories in nature everywhere, we just have to become keen observers of everything around us.

Find your stories in nature this summer!
Expressive Nature Photography is published by Monacelli Press, and is on sale July 25th at bookstores near you and online. Prefer a signed copy? Click here for the book sales page on my website.
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Photo Tips for Landscapes – An Excerpt from the Book

             Tre Cimi formation and stream, Dolomite Range, Italy.


It’s a perfect time to get out there and celebrate summer – and photograph the landscape. With that in mind, I’m sharing a few pointers taken from the pages of my new book, Expressive Nature Photography – that goes on sale July 25th! 

• Try to be there in great light. (Always a great idea, and by great light, it doesn’t have to be sunny! Look for drama in the light for landscapes.)

• Get physically close to things in the foreground. This exaggerates their size in relationship to other objects and elements in the frame behind them. (It also puts the viewer in your shoes…)

• You may need to be at a slightly higher position to show background elements, and keep them separated from the foreground. (i.e. watch for mergers!)

• Find a way to create a flow for the eye by using leading lines, or a repetition of rocks, or tufts of grass, to bring the viewer from foreground to background.

• Make sure you have sharpness throughout the scene. You’ll typically be using f/11 to f/22 for an aperture, but you’ll need to set a hyper-focal focus. Use a hyper-focal app on your smart phone, or printed charts to calculate and set the hyper-focal focus to get foreground to background in focus.

That’s it – as if it were that simple, right? But keeping tips like these in mind when you do find a great landscape will help you create more impact in your photographs, something we all want.

Thanks for visiting, and have fun out there!




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New e-Book on Close-up Photography



There a new e-book out by Andrew Gibson, published through Craft and Vision. UP CLOSE is full of helpful information on getting you started with close-up photography on a variety of subjects. As stated on C & V website, “He covers crop factoring and magnification, testing your lenses, focal length, focusing techniques, depth-of-field, lighting, image stabilization, single/double-element lenses, reverse lens macro, extension tubes and more!” The spreads look yummy – and not just because some of it is close-up of food.


I’ve always loved close-up and macro photography. It’s a whole new world when you get in so close that you see things the un-aided eye can’t see. It takes my breath away, whether it’ a backlit fern from my garden or the details of rusting metal.

When this e-book notice came to me, I slapped myself ‘up side the head’ and said “that should have been me doing that book!”  And it’s true, but then again there are so-o-o-o many ideas rolling around out there and I just don’t have time to do them all. While Jed and I were working on our Extraordinary Everyday Photography book, there were at least four topics that were published that I wished I had done. HA! As if we weren’t already busy enough.

“It shoulda been me…” is a phrase that all too often comes up in all our lives no matter what we’re engaged in doing. The universe is filled with ideas that seem to roll on by our consciousness. How many of us have seen a new invention that should have been ours?!

Truth is, it can and will be ‘my’ idea sometimes soon – each of us approaches a topic differently, both in technique and vision – so when I see a book published with ‘my’ topic, I no longer despair about it. There’s room out there for all our ‘voices’.

So when am I going to do my close-up e-book? Not sure – because I’m currently working on my e-book Creating Visual Impact.  I’m hoping to get it out there by late summer/early Autumn. I’ll keep ya posted.

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