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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 9


Day 9 – A celebration of Nature’s own visual design, – her textures, patterns, shapes and forms that show up in so many ways!

Revel in the rhythm!

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One From the Cutting Room Floor

Curtains of virga and clouds over Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

The final edits for my new book, “Expressive Nature Photography” are finished, and this ‘baby’ didn’t make it! Hard to accept, as we all love our children, right?! But you just can’t fit all your ‘babies’ into one book, ever. This was from a short section on black and white nature photography, and it’s worthy, there were just too many to select from. I guess that’s a good thing, to have more good pics than not enough, eh?!

In the movies, in film days, the reels were cut/spliced to remove unwanted bits and segments. The phrase ‘cutting room floor’ referred to all the little bits of film that were left there after the production people got finished! Actors and actresses alike had to accept that some of what they thought were their best moments might get cut. Essentially the same thing happened – some of my faves just didn’t work into the final flow of ideas/pictures. Sigh, but then maybe they’ll be right for the next book!!

Now I can get on to other projects; I’ll be hitting the road to Arizona this weekend, for some Spring photography, and teaching for MISA at Tanque Verde.

Note: This new book is being published by Monacelli Press and will be released in August 2017, and available through your favorite bookstore(s). 

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A Reason to Convert to Monochrome

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should convert our color images to black and white. Not every picture works as a straight conversiosn, that’s for sure. With my ages-old training and development as a photographer being in black-and-white, I learned to to see what might make a strong monochromatic image while looking at a color scene. In this image on right, the tonal contrast is sure there – which can make a black and white image ‘pop’ – but there are too many colors and distractions of color in this image – the red shirt on the man in background, the green tree, the brown pigeon, (there always has to be one different bird, right?!) – these all subtly pull the eye to other areas of the picture, away from the moment of the man feeding the birds with the crumbs dropping from his hand.  By converting it to black and white – I was able to eliminate those other distractions, and tonally the picture just worked so much better for me. I haven’t completely worked this black and white image.
















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Storm Light in Utah’s Desert Lands



Mid-April provided some very interesting light and clouds in central Utah this year. I had been to speak at the Moab Photography Symposium, and had to drive to Salt Lake to leave my car and fly to northeast Ohio to teach a workshop before rejoining my car and continuing my road trip. I took Highway 6 off Interstate 70, and diagonally veered towards Salt Lake, through a dry desert area of basin and range topography with buttes, benches, and washes. Continue reading »

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