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The Birds




If you didn’t like Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” then you might not like some of the experiences in the wildlife refuges!! When the birds lift off and fly over your head, the sky darkens with their numbers, and the wingbeat can almost be felt! I love it. The place is alive with action and cacophony of squabbling and squawking sounds, non stop. After day in the refuge, I go to sleep hearing the noise in my mind’s ears, and seeing birds everywhere in my mind’s eye!

In one instance I was looking towards the sunset itself, when a rumbling sound came from behind, and thousands of geese in a field were lifting off. It was so busy that it was hard to know which direction to photograph in, so I had to spend another day and do it all over again! Played with shutter speeds, moonrise/dusk, mass liftoffs, and single birds. Even shot a mass swarm of red and  yellow-winged blackbirds as they moved across the stubble in a field gathering insects. (directly below). Hard to see them unless it’s larger, but there’s a few red and yellow wings flashin’ in there.

To say I had fun would be an understatement!!



This one below captured the mood of night falling on the refuge for me.



I liked how they squawked while flying, so I tried to time it for that, too.



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Gesture and Reflection = Magic



My trip to the bird refuge in January produced some favorite images of 2016 so far. The day began with a lot of clouds, then a slight clearing and a rainbow, then back to clouds for some time, and as I drove around the levee road, I thinking I’d go explore elsewhere, when the sky brightened just as I came upon a stilt. They are one of my favorite wading birds, and I took it as a sign that I should stick around! I worked with several birds for a while, trying to time their movements, and get them in position for a catchlight in the eye, and single them out. Finally, this one bird was in the perfect spot, and as it lifted its leg I clicked the shutter. The drop of water on the bird’s beak, and the drop rings in the water all added to the moment for me, and the gesture and the reflection yielded magic!

I’m heading out to the refuge again in a few days to try for great light on a mass liftoff, but if that doesn’t happen I know there is always something of interest and I’ll work with what I have.

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Which do you like?






I am finally getting through most of the images from Winter in Yosemite (my oh-too-brief trip) and my wildlife refuge images. In a previous post I had shown a foggy scene of birds, and I have several. Each of them is different, and the two here were made when it was even more foggy. But I like the mood in these. They are different than the standard, albeit exciting mass lift-off scenes. They both show the activity of geese coming in for a landing, flying about, etc., and the mood of what it’s often like in the central valley in winter, but they are different. So I thought I’d ask you which of them you liked best, and why. Comments are truly appreciated!


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Light, Color and Design in Arizona Desert



I know that it’s the ‘dead of winter’ in many parts of the USA, but in Arizona, spring is just around the corner! Spring begins in mid to late February and runs through April, with a succession of events involving everything from birds and baby wildlife to unusual plants in bloom, and in a good year, carpets of wildflowers. By early March, the desert is a-buzz with life. I’ll be there with MISA and an enthusiastic group of students to photograph the wonderful dramatic light, to seek out and photograph nature’s built-in design of textures, patterns and shapes, and more. Join us, and you’ll have opportunities to explore and create images that express the essence of the desert. We’ll be visiting many different locations that will provide wonderful opportunities to work on your techniques of wide-angle landscapes, macro, and telephoto views. Please check out the Madeline Island School of Arts (MISA) link below for more information and join us for a fun, intensive learning experience in the deserts of our own beautiful USA!




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