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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 12


Day 12 – Gazing up at the universe, I’m in awe and wonder. Capturing the stars of our galaxy, over formations in Arches National Park, was an incredible experience.

Marvel at the mystery! 

This concludes my series – and yes, if you do the math, I’m two days off if I wanted the 12 days to finish on Christmas Day, but I figured that most of you wouldn’t be on the internet (!) after the 23rd, so I began my celebrations early.

Have a joy-filled, peaceful, and wondrous holiday!

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Milky Way Stretching across the sky


Stretching before me like a million jewels sparkling, the milky way rose behind Skyline arch. I made various compositions of the arch with the milky way above it, and then decided to try my first ever panorama of the night sky. I made two series of 9 exposures before I realized I had better get started on my series of 4-minute exposures to stack later on, or I’d run out of dark skies. I was having so much fun, all by myself at 2-5:30 AM!! Gone were the crowds of tourists, filled parking lots, chatter along trails, the smell of suntan lotions and cologne. It was just me and the night, sharing a moment together, amidst the sagebrush and prickly pear (note to self, watch out for those deadly spines when walking at night!)  I just needed more time!! The night goes by quickly when your at ‘work’. Hopefully tonight will be good, but clouds are predicted…

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