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The Value of Feedback

Namibia. Zebras neck, a common social activity. This is a mother and her child necking, creating a lasting bond between them.

You might call it shameless self-promotion, but the reason behind this blog post is quite altruistic, I assure you! 

A long while ago, I was an amateur photographer with a dream to become professional ‘someday’. I had no specific time schedule in mind, at that time I was just loving photography.  The dream of having shows, winning contests, etc. was there, but so was the ‘fear’ of whether my photographs were good enough. I didn’t have many people around me to give me good feedback – oh, my family loved the pictures – Continue reading »

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Cloudy with a chance of reflections

wet beach reflection of clouds
You never know what the forecast will be at the coast – even on a nice sunny day you can be socked in with fog and never see the sun. Our forecast was for ‘mostly cloudy overnight with gradual clearing in the morning.’ Cloudy doesn’t work well on the beach with gray skies, gray water, black rocks, but because you just never know, you have to go to see what you’ll find. We had breakthroughs of warm colors, then it flattened out, so I started walking towards the point on the beach. Partway there, the color came back! Yikes – there I was, with nary a rock or a sea star in sight! But the very wet sand made a beautiful dreamy reflection, and it was enough – an abstract canvas. Sometimes, ‘simple’ is enough.

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The Sun is Shining and Other News

Barber Shop


It’s been an incredibly gray, rainy past two weeks here in northern California since I returned from warm sunny Mexico! Today, the birds were singly madly in our trees and the dog ‘baked’ in the sun on our deck.

Meanwhile, we are chugging away in our offices getting materials ready for our upcoming workshops and tours and updating websites. I still haven’t had enough time to go through all my images from Mexico, but I’ve managed to cull a selection that I’ve posted on my website under Portfolios>Mexico>San Cristobal. I’ve also added a Details Portfolio.

The above picture was made with my iPhone while en route to Death Valley workshop in early February. Someone who’s very good at trompe l’oleil painted this wall to look like a row of shops! What fun. I took it a little further, processing it in Nik’s Viveza for exposure and color,  and added Tonal Contrast from Nik’s Color Effects Pro, then used Topaz Adjust to give it a bit more texture. I’m loving using my iphone and apps I’ve purchased to create images. But this one the artist should get all the credit for making the scene so, well, painterly! ha ha.


*** There’s only 2 days left for a 10% discount on The Expressive Image in Iceland Photography Workshop with Focus on Nature. There’s still space and this is a great time to save some money by planning ahead. Check out my page on my website and then read their registration information and more at their site.

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New, updated iFolio and Plexicolor Sale Notice


I wrote a while back about my iphone portfolio produced by and today I wanted to announce that iFolio has been upgraded to meet the needs of iPads and other tablets, too! The folks at iFolios are working hard to stay up to date and are making many improvements.

These smartphone and tablet portfolios are really nice looking. If you have a non-flash website you can always view those on either device, but many flash-based sites, or even one that has a flash slide show embedded, will not view properly on any of these devices. This is a great solution in my opinion, to having a professional looking web presence on any smart device.

I’m pleased to pass on a savings of $20.00 on any product purchased from their site. Just use the code THARP at checkout to save money.

Plexicolor, meanwhile has just announced a sale through December 17th, 2010.

Ad for PlexiFlex Sale

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