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Nature and Man


There are so many titles for a picture like this – ‘persistence’ being one of them. I loved the overlapping shapes and the shades of white/gray, and this little tree was just the perfect focal point to have in there. It may be planted in a pot on a rooftop balcony for all I know, but it represents the persistence of life to grow wherever it can, and I like the natural element juxtaposed with the manmade here. 

Having too much fun here in Santorini! Below is another fun image, converted to black and white, as I felt the blue strip of sky was distracting…



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The Lock Mystery


The Lock

I just discovered this image from a tour in Venice that I lead last Fall – a year ago! Too many things going on, not enough time to review and process, but it’s nice to have surprises like this pop up in Lightroom unexpectedly!

I remember when I made the image that I was thinking ‘laundry again’ and laughing about that, because for some reason many of us are drawn to photograph the laundry of other cultures – and why? Perhaps because it gives us a little insight to who lives there, what they might be like (secretly or otherwise). But this image was different. It doesn’t reveal much about the people living there, by the clothing, but the lock, now that was something different. What does that lock do? What would be locked up there, typically? Why did they feel they needed to lock something up at some point? I liked that we don’t really know, and I liked also the color palette of this image. I also liked the ‘three’ items hanging on the line – those odd numbers make it more interesting, and the color contrast of the one piece that just somehow ended up in close to the¬†rule of thirds position! ūüôā I believe that all of that was playing through my subconscious as I stopped to a)take notice and b) deem it worthy of a photograph.

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Spring in the Sierra Foothills



On a recent road trip, I was searching for signs of Spring just about everywhere! In the month I was on the road, I covered, wildlife refuges, high desert, low desert, and finally the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, searching for photographs.¬†Some destinations worked out really well, others not so much, as Spring was very spotty this year in terms of wildflowers. You’d find some great patches in some areas, nothing exciting in others. While heading up¬†into the foothills, I took a side road I had never been on, and this was one of the images from that detour. I loved how the textures of everything were represented here, and the soft green-yellow of lichen¬†on branches, combined with the rich hues of redbud. Thankfully, the light was with me that day (sort of like the force being with you) and I had many opportunities to work with larger scenes like this under diffused light. Of all the images I made, this is one of my favorites as it represents the emergence of Spring.

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Autumn Reflections on Presque Isle River, Michigan




I stood in the shallow edge of the river, watching as the river breathed. Each surge of water over the submerged rock was different, more or less, as it flowed over the submerged rocks, resulting in varying undulations of the surface ‘waves’. I tried to time it¬†right¬†to capture a moment when the water churned back on itself, and chose a shutter speed that would provide some texture in the movement of the water. I captured many variations of this one composition, only moving on to another scene¬†when I felt I had achieved the look I was after. But you never know for certain¬†until you see it large on the computer screen, and thankfully, I have a few that gave me just what I wanted.

Now, as I post this, I am reliving my experience¬†of watching the river flow, hearing it ‘talking’ as it gurgled, churned, dropped and flowed past me. The sound of the water muffled the sounds of everything around me and during the timeI spent photographing there, it was just me, and the river, and the breeze, and it was great. I had been a bit ‘down’ that afternoon, feeling tired, and not having had much luck with the other images I had tried that morning because of the stiff winds and crowds of people on this holiday weekend. But after this photo session, all of that dropped away and I went to my campsite a very happy camper!





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