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Expressive Nature Photography Officially on Sale TODAY


Expressive nature photography is about first finding what excites you in the location or scene, and then figuring out the way to communicate what you feel about what you are seeing, and that requires applying the concepts of light, composition, visual depth, and point of view, along with other technical things like the appropriate depth-of-field or shutter speed. In my latest book, I discuss all of these things and more, illustrated with new photographs, and I’m very excited about this book – 240 pages of idea and tips to help others become better at creating photographs that have more impact. SUMMER is a great time to read this and put it to good use – and keep using it into Autumn, and well, Winter, and then there’s next Spring…

This book is now available at bookstores everywhere – and on line. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Expressive Nature Photography! It always feels good to give ‘birth’ to a new project…

Signed copies are available on my site (higher price), or visit your favorite on-line or brick-and-mortar store to order a copy. 

Enjoy, and keep on photographing!



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New Website

After much effort, I have consolidated my portfolios and my archive of images into one site hosted by Photoshelter. I have had the Photoshelter site for some time, and finally had time this winter to upload a lot more photographs and it’s continuing to be populated with images. Check out the portfolios from the home page, or browse the archive… My website address remains the same,, or simply

My blog is separate and can be reached via (no www) or simply You can get to either by navigational tabs on each site so it’s pretty seamless and effortless.  So you can see, no matter what you type, you’ll find me! Please update your bookmarks for any links you have for me. Thank you.



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It’s a BIG DEAL!!

Just wanted to pass this information along. I think it’s a pretty amazing deal for the price! No obligation -just click on the link to check it out to see for yourself!

100 hours of video training • 836 presets and actions • 12 e-books & training mat’ls • 6 Full 1-yr memberships and more!!


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Cooling off in Iceland



Well, I wish I was there already! We’ve had soaring temperatures the past week and I’ve been wishing I had a trip to somewhere much cooler. I know, we Californians don’t know what real heat/humidity is, but for us to get 90 degrees and 75 % humidity is very rare.

That thinking led me to this post about Iceland.  Iceland is a very COOL place – but it’s also HOT, as in a popular photo destination, and volcanic in origin. The volcanoes have sculpted this island, but the moisture has covered much of it with lush green mosses and grasses and wildflowers in early summer.

I am still looking for a few hardy and enthusiastic souls to join me in Iceland next June. This instructional photo tour will be filled with over-the-top photographic opportunities. The superlatives “AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, STUNNING, WAY COOL, UNBELIEVABLE” and more use oft-used to describe the place when photographer friends and colleagues have returned home.

I am certain that this place will change me and those traveling with me – forever, by imprinting the astounding beauty of a truly wild place in our hearts and visual memory! The landscape opportunities will be endless – as will the daylight hours, just about! We’ll have long days, but they will be so filled up with experiences and photography you won’t notice the passing of time. Visit the tour page here.

Tell your friends – or simply share this post to help spread the word. And I hope to see you in Iceland next June!

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