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The power of photographs



(Back story: When I get busy traveling a lot for workshops and tours, I simply get lost in the sea of images that create! Typically the phone pictures get left in the dust as I focus more on my ‘big girl’ camera pictures. So today I was cleaning up my iPhone folder in Lightroom and having a blast revisiting not only some fun trips and places, but also events. Harp Dog Brown Trio played a mean blues at CAPA’s annual conference I was speaking at in August in Vancouver.)

When I view these images, I can hear the music in my head, I can feel the experience of having been there. Now that’s  the power of a photograph, to ignite the memories of many senses. How many times have you seen a picture and relived a sound, a smell, a feeling? And that’s why I remain passionate about photography. To capture those moments for myself, but to hopefully have my picture transcend the personal memory and just perhaps, trigger one in you, the viewer.



Enjoy, and share with your friends!




P.S. These were shot with my iPhone using Hipstamatic John S lens and BlackKeys B+W Film settings.

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Still in Maine


I am just finishing up teaching in Maine. This image, however, was made just before I left town in Santa Rosa, CA at the county fair. I still can’t believe how good a phone camere can be for stuff like this!! I was inspired to upload this after listening to Dan Burkholder talk about iphoneography to the students here this week with us. He has done some incredibly complex work with his iphone and apps, his style often in keeping with the Hudson Valley Painters style.

Now in Western Maine at sister’s bison farm…

Thanks for visiting and I’ll be in touch soon!



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Chillin’ in Maine


Arrived in Maine last night in the dark and rain. Woke to a gray sky, but no rain! Went into Zoots in Camden for coffee and to do email stuff. This great folk musician came in and sat down to play for the coffee craving crowd. A moving audience as people passed through, but it was wonderful to see how many people responded to the music and his songs. I have been sitting here for an hour listening with joy to his music. Music that resonates with me – a blend of older folk tunes with an updated twist – his twist, and his own original pieces. What a great way to ‘work’ while hearing him perform…


I used my iPhone and created this with a sketch app, and blended it with the original photo, added some contrast and sharpness, etc. using Nik’s Snapseed App for phone. I showed it to him, and he asked if there was a way he could pay me for it – but I just sent it to him in an email. One artist to another, sharing without the need for monetary gain. Of course, if he uses it as an album cover, well…we’ll negotiate at that point!

P.S. forgot to mention that there are still a few spaces available in my iPhone class on beautiful Whidbey island, WA. September 7-9, 2012. View this link:





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iPhone Class on Whidbey Island, WA




SnapSeed, ProHDR, Grungetastic, Iris, PhotoForge, Blender and more! If you are wanting to learn more about using your iPhone to create incredibly artistic images using Apps, this workshop is perfect. If you know some things but need to know more, you’ll still learn heaps of information on how to create, process, and print your pictures.

Workshop is scheduled for September 7-9th, 2012. We’ll be covering the basics of using the phone, different camera apps, various processing apps for basic adjustments, and special effects apps. Live demos of working with the Apps, photo field sessions, and time to process in class with my help are included. This is going to be a really really fun learning experience you don’t want to miss! For more information and to sign up, visit the PNWAS site.


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