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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 5


Celebrating scenes so pretty they grab at your heartstrings and make you want to shout ‘YES’! 

Celebrate a new dawn every day,

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Twelve Days of Christmas-Day 3


Day 3 – Celebrating the flow of life-giving energy in the form of pure water. Celebrating that there are places where that water is still drinkable right out of the stream! 

Celebrate the Flow!

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Nature and Man


There are so many titles for a picture like this – ‘persistence’ being one of them. I loved the overlapping shapes and the shades of white/gray, and this little tree was just the perfect focal point to have in there. It may be planted in a pot on a rooftop balcony for all I know, but it represents the persistence of life to grow wherever it can, and I like the natural element juxtaposed with the manmade here. 

Having too much fun here in Santorini! Below is another fun image, converted to black and white, as I felt the blue strip of sky was distracting…



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