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New Website

After much effort, I have consolidated my portfolios and my archive of images into one site hosted by Photoshelter. I have had the Photoshelter site for some time, and finally had time this winter to upload a lot more photographs and it’s continuing to be populated with images. Check out the portfolios from the home page, or browse the archive… My website address remains the same,, or simply

My blog is separate and can be reached via (no www) or simply You can get to either by navigational tabs on each site so it’s pretty seamless and effortless.  So you can see, no matter what you type, you’ll find me! Please update your bookmarks for any links you have for me. Thank you.



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Test Drive your new Camera Bag!

My friends over at Think Tank Photo have a short new program designed to help you while helping them figure out client needs/wants.

This is a great opportunity to try out something you’ve been considering without the total commitment of buying it first.

Until March 31st, you can order and try out products free of charge. You’ll need to evaluate the product for them, as that is how they will get ideas for changes, etc.

Details of the test-drive program:

I use the modular belt-pack system and love it. I have traditional pouches and the lighter weight ‘skin’ pouches, too. They both work on the belt-pack and on the pro speed belt that I have. It’s been a great system for accessibility when I’m walking around on the streets of anywhere. To get my stuff over ‘there’ I use the Airport Acceleration and Takeoff backpacks, designed for airline travel without a lot of attach straps and things flapping around to get caught on stuff.



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Cloudy with a chance of reflections

wet beach reflection of clouds
You never know what the forecast will be at the coast – even on a nice sunny day you can be socked in with fog and never see the sun. Our forecast was for ‘mostly cloudy overnight with gradual clearing in the morning.’ Cloudy doesn’t work well on the beach with gray skies, gray water, black rocks, but because you just never know, you have to go to see what you’ll find. We had breakthroughs of warm colors, then it flattened out, so I started walking towards the point on the beach. Partway there, the color came back! Yikes – there I was, with nary a rock or a sea star in sight! But the very wet sand made a beautiful dreamy reflection, and it was enough – an abstract canvas. Sometimes, ‘simple’ is enough.

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Photo News: Photography Course on DVD, Tour Price Reduction

Guinness Pint in Irish Pub

The above photo was a serendipitous moment when my friend put his pint down on the railing. I shouted ‘don’t touch that glass’ because I saw the potential in the moment. With the musicians out of focus in the background, it became a story about good beer in a pub atmosphere, a product shot, and a great travel picture all wrapped into one photo!

Along the lines of commercial and product photography, my long-time friend and pro photographer Charlie Borland has just released a DVD for a 1-year Commercial Photography Training Program. Charlie has been in the business for 30 years as a commercial photographer, and has been involved in starting up stock photo agencies and has been teaching for many years both in the field and on-line. I recommend this program if you are serious about becoming a professional commercial photographer. You also have the option of an instructor guided program. See the website link for more information.

Pro Nature Photographer is also his e-zine site, and there’s great content there, so check out that link, too! It’s filled with information about the nature photography business and he’s building a great archive of articles. I have taught in the field with Charlie and he is passionate about photography, and sharing his knowledge with others.

On other fronts, my India tour has just benefited from a price reduction! The operator was hard at work negotiating prices and achieved a good reduction. Our new price is $5880 with a minimum of 8 participants, down from $6400. Check out the website page on this tour for more information, or visit Destination Himalaya’s site directly.

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