Rockin’ Around in Zion



Anyone who has traveled with me probably knows I LOVE rocks. I’m not sure why I didn’t choose geology as a major in college, but regardless of that, I have continued to be excited by rocks, rock formations, and how it all formed, wherever I go.

When our photo tour in Zion Nat’l Park was finished, a few were around on Sunday morning so we went off to explore a little more. We climbed up high on a rocky plateau to look at the landscape opportunities for afternoon light, but soon we all found photo opps that were at our feet – literally! There were patterns and swirling lines and tiny bonsai’d trees and these cool rounded rocks that you see here. Referred to as moqui marbles, they are concretions of various minerals, and they were stuck here and there in the sides of larger boulders, but hundreds of them had washed out over time – geological time – and scattered on the flatter surfaces we were standing on. With wind and rain, they’d roll around, and pile up in crevasses, or get stuck in a water-filled depression that then dried up. They were so neat to photograph, I was doing my happy dance that afternoon!




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  1. Scott Sharick December 26, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

    Brenda – I am also always on the lookout for moqui marbles. This month I was able to find my largest find so far. It is always exciting to turn a corner and see them scattered on the landscape.

    • Brenda December 26, 2014 at 7:27 pm #

      Cool, Scott!! They are amazing the way they scatter, I agree. Have fun hunting for them!!